Beaded Necklaces

BeadforLife necklaces made of beads are handcrafted from recycled paper by women in Uganda.

Dress up or dress down with these handmade jewelry beaded necklaces. Spice up an evening of fun with our beautiful beaded necklaces with pendants. Even more, by shopping BeadforLife, a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting poverty by creating opportunities for sustainable income, you are helping lift women and their families from deep poverty. Certainly, accessorize with a beaded necklace from BeadforLife and you’ll feel good, look good, and do good.

  • Sanyu Single Long Necklace

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    Leena Three Strand Necklace

  • Musana Long Necklace

  • Asali Necklace-2918

    Asali Necklace

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    Sanyu Single Short Necklace

  • Tendo Necklace

  • Etana Necklace

  • Madaala Necklace-3236

    Madaala Necklace

  • Musana Short Necklace

  • Sale!

    Timeless Necklace

  • Lanyard

  • Inner Voice Choker

  • Elements Necklace

  • Determination Necklace

  • Shimmer Necklace

  • Emergence Necklace

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