Loose Beads: 1/2 lb Petite Paper Beads




These dainty, unique loose beads are made in a sweet size that you will rarely see elsewhere! If you like the detail in the small sized beads of our Flare Necklaces and the East African Collection, you will LOVE to use the Petite Paper Beads for creating jewelry and your next DIY project. Gold seed beads are included to accent your next craft.

Imagine… a Ugandan woman artisan scrutinizing recycled paper for colors and patterns that will make beautiful beads. Her hands trace the pattern to create short beads, and then she cuts the paper into long thin triangles. Her nimble hands roll each strip of paper towards the pointed end of the triangle. She is careful to keep the bead tightly rolled and symmetrical, and then puts a small dab of glue at the end to hold it together. She repeats this process until she has several hundred beads, and then applies a non-toxic sealant to make them shiny and water resistant.

Our recycled paper beads are crafted by women in Uganda to help them rise above poverty through the sale of their paper bead jewelry. In addition, BeadforLife provides entrepreneurial business training and mentoring support for our members. We take pride in this recycled paper product and are inspired by the women behind it. Each piece is handmade and unique, and every bead radiates hope and potential for the woman who made it.

Please note: Some of these beads may be difficult to string and will require a bead reamer or tool to open the hole.

  • • 1/2 lb bag
  • • Gold seed beads included
  • • Paper bead size approximately 5 x 5mm
  • • Hole size approximately 1 – 2 mm


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