Akora Shoulder Bag


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The Akora Shoulder Bag is hand-crafted, vibrant and fun! Take it to the beach, the grocery store, or use it as a casual purse or lunch bag. Handmade with African fabrics and conveniently sized at 14”w X 26”h. The pear shape wears comfortably and the bag is finished authentically with a signature paper bead and fabric label. Carry this bag and carry with you the hopes and dreams of the woman who created it.

  • • Handmade African fabric
  • • Inside pocket with matching fabric
  • • Top of bag finished with solid brown or black fabric
  • • Aprox size 14″ X 26″
  • • Finished with a signature BeadforLife tag

Akora means ‘hard-working’ in Lutooro and honors the thousands of women in Uganda working their way out of poverty.


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