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Large, colorful, chunky beads make a sweet statement about eradicating poverty. Not only will you feel sweet, you’ll look sweet too, as the bold beads come in a variety of mostly variegated colors. Match this necklace to your favorite color or use it as an accent in a neutral tone. The necklace is created with 11 chunky style hand-rolled paper beads and glass seed beads. The 20-21” necklace is complete with a nickel-free stainless steel tag and a silver toggle clasp.

  • • Handmade paper beads strung with black 5mm seed beads
  • • Constructed with strong and flexible elastic
  • • Finished with a signature BeadforLife tag

Asali means “honey” in Swahili and there is nothing sweeter than empowering a woman a world away to change her life.

Bead Maker

Born in Iganga, Uganda, Khasfa is now 50 years old. Her parents lived in dire poverty and had no means of taking care of their eight children. When she was a toddler she was taken from her parents to live with her aunt. Khasifa appreciates her aunt’s support but wishes for one thing. “I wish I had gone to school.” Khasifa never dreamed life could be any better than what she grew accustomed to in her youth. “I saw myself living in poverty all my life,” said Khasifa. After joining BeadforLife, her perception changed. For the first time she could see just a small glimmer of hope. Her new hopes and dreams empowered her to make a swift change in her life. “I had never put my brain to good use as I do now,” said Khasifa, “I am more knowledgeable in ways of farming and poultry.”

Now Khasifa is a good example and inspiration to her neighbors. She works joyfully creating the most beautiful beads. Every day is a new opportunity for her, one she truly cherishes.

3 reviews for Asali Necklace

  1. Lady Di

    Love it!

    I bought this necklace for myself, and another for a gift, last year. I get so many compliments when I wear it! Absolutely love it – it’s one of my favorites! Thank you, Khasifa and all <3

  2. Anne Wilson (verified owner)

    Bought two of these fab necklaces as a Christmas present to myself. LOVE LOVE LOVE them!! Am planning on ordering more in different colours. Thanks so much.

  3. Anne Wilson (verified owner)

    Bought two of these necklaces in Adobe and earthtone. They far exceeded my expectations. Feel so good whenever I wear them!!

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