Musana Bangle Bracelet

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The bright Musana Bangle features beads of all different shapes, sizes, and colors. Unique and chic, this multi-colored bangle goes with any outfit and can be worn in sets of 5 as a stylish cuff. Show your support of Fair Trade by purchasing and wearing this bright bracelet.

  • • Handmade African paper beads
  • • Constructed with strong and flexible elastic
  • • Finished with signature BeadforLife tag

Musana, meaning sunshine in Ugandan language, evokes an image of many different people and cultures coming together to brighten the world.

25 reviews for Musana Bangle Bracelet

  1. Kathleen Fitzgerald Camp of Cheltenham, PA


    After reading about this organization in a magazine, I visited the website and was very impressed. Bracelets make great, inexpensive gifts and a wonderful way to give a little thank you without spending tons of money. The fact that the money goes to such a wonderful cause makes it a perfect win/win gift. And, oh yes, I did keep one for myself and am buying another ten bracelets today. Keep up the great work.

  2. Karen Warnecke of Arcanum


    I absolutely love this bracelet that I received as a gift from one of my students. Little did she know that I sponsor a little girl from Uganda through World Vision and this bracelet helps me feel connected to her. I now want many, many more pieces of jewelry for my friends, family, and myself!

  3. by Carol Shervinskie of Mill Hall

    Bracelets and necklace

    Just received this from a student as a gift. 2 bracelets and a necklace…. love them – I will share the website with all my friends!!

  4. Anna of Fayetteville, NC


    I received a bracelet and necklace as a gift from my aunt, and they are so colorful and beautiful!! What an inspired organization!

  5. kathleen of Plymouth, MA


    I have been buying these beads and trying to stock up. I have made some beautiful pieces for friends and they LOVE them~!! I try to put a little flair to my jewelry, but i think I am just gonna focus on simplicity , more fun, and more products will fly!!!

  6. Michelle of Albuquerque, NM

    Lightweight, vibrant

    I received this bracelet as a birthday gift. I was struck by its vibrant colors. I love its simplicity and how light-weight it feels on my wrist. The multiple colors make it a go with everything piece.

  7. by Emily of Erie, PA


    A great product! I love everything about the beads: the price, the quality, the look, and especially the purpose. The products are all so unique and each and every one is beautiful.

  8. amie of north bend, OR


    love love love them i want lots more, got all my kids and there friends one for christmas they loved them, going to have a party

  9. alicia riley of somersville, CT

    Magic in every bracelet

    I am a big believer in the positive energy in the ladies of Uganda and their beautiful bracelets…I am ordering more to give to my customers who are having a bad string of luck…I wear mine every day and thank the ladies of Uganda on a daily basis.

  10. Cindy of Dubuque, IA

    Love em!

    At Christmas and Valentine’s day I gave many of these bracelets to family, friends and co-workers. They were thrilled to receive. The colors in these bracelets make them all different.

  11. Tami Slemko-Creese of Lompoc, CA

    Thank you UC Santa Barbara!

    I came across these beautiful and inspirational bracelets today at UC Santa Barbara Insight Day for upcoming freshmen considering admission for next fall. My husband, son and I were on our way to check out a living quarter when I saw this booth. The girls selling these bracelets were so nice and shared so much information about the BeadforLife organization. I purchased 3 bracelets for myself, and one for my best friend. (I couldn’t decide on which one I wanted, so I considered the cause and bought all three.) Although I didn’t get the names of these wonderful girls selling the bracelets, they were great and pointed out some interesting details in particular beads. It was a fun day indeed!

  12. Jimena of Gainesville, FL


    I just read a previous review and it”s almost exactly what I was thinking about writing…. I saw a friend wearing these bracelets and that same day I ordered 3!!!! I am giving on of them to one of my very best friends for V-day : ) I think from now this is going to be the OFFICIAL present for all of my friends. LOVE THEM!!!!

  13. Debra Motes of Rome, GA


    I absolutely LOVE these bracelets, ordered 3 already gave one away & ordering more. It is for a GREAT cause. I am so thankful I read about these in more magazine & I am spreading the word! ps , I never review anything but i am so excited about these!

  14. Michelle Nemechek of Yucca Valley, CA


    Love, Love, Love these!!!! so beautiful and wonderful gifts, and best of all a Great cause!!! Thank you so much!!!!


  15. Kim Baikie of Oak Lawn, IL

    Best Gifts Ever

    I saw this website on ABC news and was so excited to check out the products. I placed an order for friends and co-workers. When I received the shipment I was blown away at the beauty of the bracelets. I just placed my second order as I am so excited to give these as gifts. I am so proud of these women business starters and hope I can continue to support their efforts.

  16. Nanci Wilson of Grafton, ND

    Awesome Gift & Beautiful!

    I first was introduced to these beads at Epcot in Orlando Florida. They had a kiosk with many of them and they had been send over and made with paper from old Disney maps. It was literally my favorite purchase the entire trip. I wear it daily. I am now here to buy Christmas gifts. I love the idea, the peace, and the love behind it all. Harmony really is beautiful 🙂

  17. Susan Petrak of LISLE, IL

    Beautiful bracelets

    I saw pictures of your bracelets and read the story behind them. I ordered them for a unique gift for my family members. I was amazed at their beauty and have received numerous compliments .I will be ordering more for the upcoming holidays

  18. Kevin


    For our first anniversary I gave my wife 10 of these bracelets. such a good gift for your first year, she loved them!

  19. Hellen

    Very fun!

    Such a fun looking bracelet! I really enjoyed receiving it as a gift even though this is not really my style.

  20. Barb

    Buy lots!

    By itself this bracelet is not much. Buy a couple of them, they look better as a set

  21. 4Cuca

    Musana Bangle Bracelet

    I ordered two of these bracelets, one for me & one for my 14 year old daughter. I got so many compliments! I ended up giving mine away for my daughter’s friend’s birthday. It feels great to take our hard earned money, and spend it on something that positively impacts women & their families in Uganda. We should really care about where all our money goes to & how it impacts others!!! I will also be ordering more for Christmas gifts 🙂

  22. Sharon

    Love These!!

    This is my third order. I began wearing the bead bracelets about a year ago and decided to give some to my granddaughter recently on her 16th birthday as a little ‘extra’ something. Little did I know she was going to LOVE them! When my daughter saw her open them, her comment was “I’ll take them if you don’t want them”. So now this is a Christmas gift for her. So glad this is such a good cause for such a beautiful item!

  23. Cathie


    My friend loved mine so much that I gave her mine to remember me when she moved to another state! I already bought two and plan to purchase more! I’m hooked ! Thank you beautiful ladies!
    Upstate central New York

  24. Sandi


    Got 6 bracelets, and everyone wanted one. Then I gave everyone a paper where the money from them was going, and they were really impressed. I’m going to order more and they will be Christmas presents!!! What a great gift that will keep on giving.

  25. Kay


    I got these as Christmas gifts for friends & family and everyone LOVES them !!! So beautiful

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