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Musana Earrings


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Purchase BeadforLife’s Musana Earrings and take the step towards eradicating poverty. 

Our Musana Earrings showcase a brightly colored cascade of tiny beads that create a dramatic look. These playful earrings are part of our wildly popular Musana Jewelry Collection. Show your support of fair trade by wearing these fashionable earrings.

  • • A cluster of beads hangs from a sterling sliver earring hook
  • • Approximately 1-1.5 inches long and about 1/2 inch in diameter
  • • Colors may be different than shown in photos

Musana, meaning “sunshine” in Ugandan language, evokes an image of many people from different cultures coming together to brighten the world.

Aboth Immaculate
Aboth Immaculate
Kirabo Florence
Kirabo Florence

The 40 members of BeadforLife’s 15th beading group are vibrant, self-driven and motivated to change their lives. Enrolled in April 2012, the women of Progressive chose their name to signify that “step by step, we are moving forward. Only good things are ahead of us.” The group is scheduled to graduate in October 2013, and the members are already convinced that their futures are full of potential.

Kirabo Florence is excited to imagine a better future for her five children. She says that before joining BeadforLife she struggled to survive each day. Now she has a network of Progressive members and BeadforLife staff to support her and all of her children are in school and studying constantly. In November, she intends to start a shoe and clothes selling business using her savings from the first six months of bead sales.

Aboth Immaculate is a young, 23 year old, member of Progressive who is full of energy and hope for the future. She loves to sing, dance and make beads. As a girl she was forced to drop out of school when her father passed away, leaving her family without money for school fees. Within a few months of joining BeadforLife, she started a small business selling fried fish in the evenings. She hopes to expand this business and use the income to support her husband and child.

7 reviews for Musana Earrings

  1. Kathleen of Pittsburgh, PA

    Perfect burst of color

    These earrings are the perfect burst of color and match just about everything. They have become my go-to earrings when I want to brighten up an outfit (or the day – perfect for winter or dreary weather) with some color. Since they go with everything, they are great for travel as well. Plus, I always get compliments. What more could you want for in a pair of earrings?

  2. ALICE



  3. Beth


    I love my Bead for Life jewelry and love that it’s fair trade, these are my favorite earrings by far!!!

  4. Sarah

    Wonderful gift!

    Hey there, when I first got pregnant I was feeling very depressed because I didn’t think I was ready. My friend sent me a pair of these earrings and told me about the women they support. I cried, they are so beautiful and there are so many people who struggle much harder than we do. These earrings always remind me of that and I love to wear them when I feel sad because they really help me keep me reminded of that.

  5. Kathy


    Beware! they will not send you the same earring in the image, mine has completely different colors.

  6. Mo

    Loved the fun earrings

    Loved all the colored beads!

  7. Nancy

    Very versatile

    These earrings go with everything and are very comfortable to wear. I always get compliments when I wear them, and I find myself telling the story about their production and why they are so important to buy.

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