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Select a color to see preview. “SMALL” colors are bangles sized 6.5″ to 6.75″.



The Sanyu Bangle Bracelet is one of our most popular items and can be worn individually for a delicate accent or in multiples to create the look of a stylish cuff bracelet. This bracelet is both beautiful and meaningful, because it is a symbol of how small things can change the world. Available in solid or variegated (striped / textured) colors.

• Average bangle size is 7 inches, but alternate sizes may be available upon request. “SMALL” colors are bangles sized 6.5″ to 6.75″ and are ideal for kids!
• Handmade paper beads strung with coordinating seed beads
• Constructed with strong and flexible elastic
• Finished with a signature BeadforLife tag

Sanyu, meaning “joy”, evokes from our members feelings of jubilation as they leave poverty behind.

29 reviews for Sanyu Bangle Bracelet

  1. Alex of Boulder, CO

    Wear it all the time!

    These Sanyu bracelets are awesome. I got the white one and wear it constantly! I plan on getting more to give out at Christmas as well.

  2. Laverne of Cicero, IL

    Thank you for ARM Candy!

    I”m allergic to many metals, so when I stumbled across BFL I was overjoyed and quickly hosted a party. For myself I brought 5 of the Sanyu bracelets. You can dress them up or down, wear them alone or blend them to match your outfit or get funky with them and just grab a few all different colors and represent the rainbow.
    Just recently I started wearing a Nike Fuel band and I use my bracelets to dress it up. I have pictures on my Face book page.

  3. Anonymous of Suwanee, GA

    Love these Bracelets!

    When I had my bead party a couple years ago I sold I think all but 5 of the bangles that were sent to me (and there were a lot). The colors are great and they are a great accessory to almost every outfit. I just ordered a few online as teacher gifts and the only thing I”m worried about is the sizes…the ones sent to me during my bead party were varying sizes, so I am hoping that they send me some average size bracelets and not super small or super big sized ones.

  4. Jackson of ALAMO, CA

    My Favorite Bracelet!!

    I wear my sanyu bracelet every single day and rarely take it off. Not only do I love the story behind these bracelets, but the fact that these women make them out of paper amazes me. They are so creatively designed and colorful and beautiful!

  5. Taylor Smith of Boulder, CO

    I never take it off!

    I just got my first Bead4Life bracelet and haven”t taken it off since. Everyone admires it. They are perfect for holiday gifts as well.

  6. Anonymous of Boulder, CO

    I love my bangles!

    I got my first BeadforLife bangles from my mom for Christmas and have been obsessed ever since. Such a great cause!

  7. Anonymous of Winter Garden, FL

    Buy a bunch!

    LOVE these little bracelets. So colorful and so very easy to wear. What a wonderful feeling to pull one off and give it spontaneously to those who admire them. A great way to tell the Bead for Life story and get new people interested in the mission.

  8. Lydia of Alanta, GA


    My mom got one of these for Christmas and i think it is so pretty!!!!!! i really want to get one!! I love the story behind them i cant believe that they make them out of paper! WOW! These are amazing high quality beads!

  9. Tami Langford of Springfield, IL


    My husband and daughter picked out a necklace and bracelet for me at Christmas. I could not have been happier with any other gift. Absolutely beautiful, strong and sturdy jewelry. I will definitely be purchasing more for myself and as gifts for others.

  10. Kristen of NJ


    I got 2 of these as gifts from each of my kids. My son learned of these from one of his teachers and had his heart set on getting me one. Not only do I love the bracelet but I love the idea behind them. I will be getting items in the future. What a great gift not only did I get a special gift from my kids but we got to help someone we have never even met before. Best Christmas gift ever!!

  11. Anonymous of Boulder, CO

    Great gifts!!!

    I love these bracelets!! They are simple and affordable, and make perfect gifts!! There are so many colors, so there is something for everyone. I usually wear multiple complimentary bracelets at once to make more of a statement.

  12. Annie G. of Kenmore, NY

    teach the children

    My daughter admired my bracelet, that I bought at the hospital. She asked if she could have it.
    I explained that she could have her own, but it was very precious, and handmade in Uganda to bring girls out of poverty.

  13. Jesse of Colorado Springs, CO

    Great for anyone

    I really enjoy my bangle bracelet! BeadforLife makes products for guys as well but I personally chose this one over the bracelet specifically for men and I think it”s great and uni-sexual. The color is still a darker, manlier color and it looks nice as a men”s bracelet.

  14. Kristin of Vancouver

    Beautiful bracelet!

    My aunt gave me a bracelet for Christmas and I love it! I”m so impressed with BeadforLife that I”m hosting a party in January! I can”t wait to introduce BeadforLife and this amazing jewelry to all of my friends!

  15. Coriander Warren of Fremont, IN


    Such a beautiful piece of jewelry. My dear friend gave me one as a Christmas gift and I will cherish it for that reason as well as the help it provides for others across the globe.
    This is a great program and I will remember it when I need a special gift!

  16. DENISE MALONEY of chester, NY

    great gifts

    This is the third year that I have bought some of these bracelets to give as holiday gifts to my family, friends and coworkers. People love the beautiful beads and also learning about bead for life with the included information tags. They are an inexpensive way to see for yourself how pretty the beaded items really are. I love mine.

  17. Taylor Walker


    I love love love this bracelet! It was such a great purchase I am so glad I bought it:) it is such a great little accessory and so original and unique! I have gotten so many compliments when I wear my bracelets around. I highly recommend this product! 🙂

  18. CAMurphy of Jackson, NJ

    Beautiful Bracelets

    The gifts I give at Christmas are items I list as My Favorite Things. The bangle bracelet made it on my list, and I gave 16 bracelets, in the draw string-beaded bag sold on this site. I also included the mini pamphlet with each bracelet. EVERYONE absolutely loved these bracelets, and have been visiting the website and passing on the information found there. I plan to purchase the earrings as My Favorite Things gifts this year. Much love and luck to these courageous women!

  19. Ginger Denney of jackson, OH

    A great Mother”s day present!!

    My grandma bought me two bracelets from one of the ladies in her church for my little girls to give me for Mother”s day. I absolutly love them! I think its a great cause and I know I will be buying more. With the price of jewelry now days, you can”t beat it and you are actually helping people.

  20. Lori of Morgantown, WV

    Oliver’s mom

    I purchased the earth tone, variegated bangle. I love it! My husband is amazed that it is made from recycled paper. Would make a great gift, at a great price.

  21. Amanda of Rocklin, CA

    Wonderful gift!

    I have bought this for every woman I know on special occasions. You can ask specifics for colors and the wonderful folks at BeadForLife do a wonderful job of picking the colors to your specifications. My mom, sis-in-law, aunt, cousin, 3 best friends and future sis-in-law already have one and I will be purchasing more for my future mother-in-law, and sisters-in-law as well as some future niece-in-laws. Everyone loves them and buying in their favorite color makes it special and unique! Plus there is a special extra something when you know that this beautiful gift helped someone else much more in need! Thanks BeadForLife!

  22. Sharon Hanlon of Madison, WI

    Beauty with a Purpose

    A friend just gave me a bangle bracelet for my birthday. She also made another with your loose beads. The beads are beautiful. I am proud to wear jewelry with a purpose.

  23. Lori

    cool bracelet

    I recieved one from nice volunteers at the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and I love it. Will be buying some for holiday gifts this year.

  24. Kjk

    Very worthy product and cause

    The bracelets support a wonderful cause. Money well spent. I love that they are so versatile, light weight and come in so many gorgeous colors. I will,purchasing more from Bead For Life.

  25. Kathleen

    Beautiful colors and durability

    These bangles are so beautiful and the project is dear to my heart. I’ve spread the bangles as gifts and the message needs to get out.
    These women are so special and their craftsmanship is magnificent!

  26. Sherylanng

    I love this bracelet!

    I purchase bead for life products every year. I bought several of these about 5 years ago . I have worn them often and they are still as beautiful as the day I got them. I plan on ordering more.

  27. Tan

    Beautiful Beads!!

    I have recently gotten into beaded bracelets so I ordered a couple of these. I am happy to say these bracelets are gorgeous! I love the colors and they’re not too heavy on my wrists. Will definitely be buying more!

  28. ShellyK


    I wear these multiple times a week and love them. They have held up great in the 3 years I have had them. Buy one– or lots!

  29. Vanessa


    I just discovered Sanyu bracelets a few weeks ago, and have already ordered twice. They are absolutely stunning and the cause just touches my heart. I love the way they look stacked. Will definitely order more!!

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