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The Tara Triumph Bracelet is a set of three elastic micro-bead bracelets with brass accents. This bracelet symbolizes and indomitable spirit, optimism for the future, creativity, independence and the desire to do something good in the world. This was designed by the BeadforLife Young Professionals Advisory Board for young, fashion-forward, conscious consumers.


Most days Tara can be found pointing one of her many cameras toward people, places, animals, or other objects in the observable world. Focusing attention on interesting subjects helps her share her desire to bring hope to the world through her lens.

Born in Denver, Tara comes from a long line of Colorado natives dating back to the late 1800s when her great-great grandmother rode in a covered wagon all the way from Philadelphia. After graduating high school, she studied journalism and French at the University of Iowa while earning her BA. After graduation she sprouted wings and spent time living and working in France and Switzerland. While traveling to iconic places on weekend adventures all over Europe, Tara succumbed to her love of photography and decided to make it her career.

Earning a Master of Fine Arts in Photography brought Tara to the San Francisco bay area. Today, Tara keeps herself and her camera busy with photo-shoots for portraits, landscapes, weddings, and commercial work. Tara also lends her talents to Diabetes Youth Families, Carb DM, and JDRF – all non-profits helping individuals and families affected by type 1 diabetes. Tara has herself been living with type 1 diabetes for over 20 years, which helped inspire her latest project raising awareness for those affected by diabetes called T1D Exposed.

Tara brings her passions to all her work. Tara breathes HOPE. To quote her, “There is an amazing power that comes when a person embodies this word. For the future, for humanity, for life, for our environment. For everyday so there is the possibility for change.”

To see more of Tara’s work or to book a session with her visit http://www.taralayman.com


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