Street Business School is not your typical business school; rather it is a mobile classroom with trainings held in the local community. SBS is a tested and effective entrepreneurial training program designed and highly customized to meet the needs of women living in poverty. Throughout the six-month program, trainings focus on breaking down traditional stereotypes, building confidence, and practical-simplified business concepts on market research, business plan development, capital procurement, and bookkeeping. In addition, women receive one-on-one coaching, which provides both customized business advice, and meaningful encouragement so that each participant builds confidence and belief in her own ability to succeed.

Partnering on a Pathway to Scale

After seeing the impact of Street Business School Uganda, we launched the Street Business School Expansion where we partner with organizations around the globe to share our program, so that together we can ignite the lives of 1 million women! This model has proven to be successful as we celebrate the graduation for our first-ever Street Business School Immersion Workshop. Eight amazing organizations from East Africa joined our team in Uganda last fall to immerse themselves in our training program and return with the capacity to share the program where it matters most, in their local community with the people they already serve.


MARCH 3-10 and 17-24, 2018

JUNE 2-9 and 16-23, 2018

SEPTEMBER 1-8 and 15-22, 2018


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