We are a member of the Fair Trade Federation and the World Fair Trade Organization. Both associations promote fair trade organizations and are part of the global movement to build trading partnerships that benefit the people and communities involved and minimize the impact on the environment.  

We give members an opportunity to lift their families out of poverty by honoring the Principles of Fair Trade:
  1. Create Opportunities for Economically and Socially Marginalized Producers
  2. Develop Transparent and Accountable Relationships
  3. Build Capacity
  4. Promote Fair Trade
  5. Pay Promptly and Fairly
  6. Support Safe and Empowering Working Conditions
  7. Ensure the Rights of Children
  8. Respect the Environment
  9. Respect Cultural Identity
  10. Commit to non-discrimination, gender-equity and freedom of association

Fair Trade Fast Fact: The first message of “Trade Not Aid” was pronounced at the United Nationals Conference on Trade and Development in 1968. 

fair trade n \ˈfer-ˈtrād\: A movement whose goal is to help producers in developing countries to get a fair price for their products so as to reduce poverty, provide for the ethical treatment of workers and farmers, and promote environmentally sustainable production.

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