We offer in-person, online and combination hosting—choose the option that’s best for you!

Hosting Options

In-Person Events: The traditional way to host.

Set up a BeadforLife Marketplace at your home, office, place of worship, school or local market—wherever you’ll find people who love our products and connect with our story. Keep in mind you can host multiple events!

In-person events help solidify your guests’ connections with the products, the story and your own efforts. It’s also a chance to bring your BeadforLife Marketplace to life with food, music, color and fun.

We’ll send you everything you need to host, including inventory and resources such as music, a DVD, printed materials and more. We’ll support you through the whole process—from accepting credit card payments to getting the word out to returning unsold inventory.

Once you’ve hosted your events, send us back any unsold inventory, as well as the proceeds. We’ll tally your results and let you know how big an impact you made!

Online Marketplace: The easiest way to host.

When you register a BeadforLife Online Marketplace, hosting is just a click away. We’ll help you set up your Online Marketplace, get the word out to friends through email, Facebook and Twitter and track the progress you’ve made towards your goal.

Guests can shop directly on your BeadforLife Online Marketplace through an individualized link. All sales through your link will count towards your fundraiser goal. Your BeadforLife Online Marketplace link will be active for six weeks.

Online hosting is a great way to engage friends and family around the world!

Combo Marketplace: The most powerful way to host.

When you set up a BeadforLife Marketplace in person and online, you automatically expand the number of potential guests you can reach.

Host in-person events to make personal connections that last, and simultaneously host an online event to reach far away friends and family! We’ll provide all the materials you need for both, and of course we’re always here to help you have a successful and fun experience.